Aviation Medical in Calgary

Aviation Medical in Calgary

Bowmont Travel Clinic is now doing aviation medicals in Calgary with ECGs and Audiometry done right at our site.  No need to book 2 other appointments and spend your time driving all over Calgary when Bowmont Travel now offers the Aviation Medical along with the ECG and the audiometry all at our site. Visit our web page


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Sick in the Dominican Republic

Just had a Mom in the Calgary clinic with her 7 year old.  They just got back from the DR where her child developed vomiting and diarrhea and ended up in the hospital for 4 days.  The cost $4000.00. Yes, that’s what it costs to be in a third world hospital when you are from Calgary.

What can you do to try to prevent this from happening to you or your family.  Visit a Travel Clinic and listen carefully to the food and water advice.  Take Dukoral (an oral vaccine for e coli), Take Florastor (a probiotic that helps keep the gut flora normal), carry rehydration salts on your trip so that it is easy to rehydrate anyone who gets sick. We carry all of these products at our Calgary Travel Store.

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How To Find Your Vaccine History

You have plans for another trip and you have looked every where for your vaccine booklet. If you visited Bowmont Travel Clinic in Calgary just give us a call and we will fax you a copy of what we have given you in the past.  If you had vaccines through Calgary public health either at a Calgary school or the well baby baby program in Calgary just give them a call at 403-214-3641.

If you are looking for vaccines given outside of Calgary or in another province you may have to do some research to find the local public health clinic that gave you the shots. You should be able to find them.

If every thing fails book an appointment with one of the consultants at Bowmont Travel clinic and we will be able to figure it all out based on your age and where you grew up.

I always think that people who visit us at the Travel Clinic don’t want to “think” they are covered but rather want to be sure that they are protected against vaccine preventable disease. There is no health issue with getting vaccinated again, all it will do is boost your immune status.

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10 Health Tips For Travellers

1. Consult with a Health Care Professional (in Calgary call Bowmont Travel Clinic)

2. Acclimatize and Prepare

3. Protect yourself from insects (use 30% DEET and sleep under a premethrin treated bednet)

4. Wear protective footwear

5. Ensure that your water is purified. In Calgary you can buy Pristine at Bowmont Travel clinic.

6. Consume well cooked food

7. Wash it, peel it or forget it

8. Remember your prophylactics (both latex and antibiotic Rx, the latter in Calgary you can get at Bowmont Travel Clinic)

9. Avoid swimming in fresh water

10. Consider carefully your means of transportation

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Why is DEET in Canada only 30%

When Health Canada decided that 30% DEET was what they would allow in Canada there was a big uproar amongst travel clinics. However, all of the studies show that any thing over 30% does not increase the protection.  The issue with higher dosing (up to 99%) was some incidence of seizure and neurological response.  When they looked back at the individual cases of seizure, even among children, they found that almost all of them already had a medical history of seizure or with children the parents were practically dipping their kids in high concentration DEET. So, I think the bottom line is, no one needs any thing over 30% DEET but if they do use higher %s they should follow the instructions for when to reapply. Since the biggest issue with insect repellents is getting people to reapply I think that 80 % DEET is likely not going to cause a problem.

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Meningitis Vaccine in Calgary

Saudi Arabia is very strict about the paper work surrounding your  meningitis vaccine.  It must be a quadrivalent ACYW135 and you must have pretty official looking documentation.  A letter from your family MD likely will not be good enough.  Bowmont Travel Clinic in Calgary has the vaccine in stock and provides official documentation.

If you are travelling to Saudi Arabia you should book an appointment with Bowmont Travel clinic.

For more information on recommendations for Saudi Arabia follow the link.


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Cost of Vaccines

Are Vaccines expensive in Calgary

Just had a fellow back from the USA where he got his second rabies vaccine.  Rabies is a series of 3 vaccines 0, 1, 3 weeks apart.  Because he was going to be in the US when his second was due he decided to get it there.  At Bowmont Travel Clinic in Calgary we charge $200.00 each for the rabies vaccine.  The clinic in San Diego wanted $470.00 for the one dose. I guess our prices are reasonable here in Calgary. For our price list follow the link.


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Probiotic and Travel

Why lose even one day of your precious holiday to the toilet in your hotel room!

At Bowmont Travel Clinic we recommend the probiotic Florastor to all of our travellers.  It is one more “gun in the arsenal” against traveller’s diarrhea. I recently spoke with a gastroenterologist about the value of this and his advice was for us to continue with this advice.  His thoughts were that anyone with any kind of gut issue should use both Florastor and Dukoral (an oral vaccine against e-coli) as well as common sense eating and drinking.  He also mentioned that there are people out there with “an iron gut” and likely they would not get into any kind of trouble no matter what they do but once they do get traveller’s diarrhea they will forever be prone to getting it again.

There is also a study available that shows people who get traveller’s diarrhea are more likely to develop Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  This can be a life altering disease for some people so you may want to think about doing every thing you can to prevent a bout of traveller’s diarrhea.

You can buy Florastor and Dukoral at Bowmont Travel Clinic without a prescription. For more information check out the links below.



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Influenza Vaccine and the Traveller

Public Health recommends that all Canadians over 6 months of age should get a flu shot every year.  For travellers it is even more important.  Think about sitting in an airplane for several hours with 300 other people and then standing in line at customs for another hour or so with even more people added to the mix. If you are on a cruise the numbers are even greater.

The problem with having flu away from home is that you are away from home and all those comforts. Also, you just paid big dollars to lie on a beach and you can’t even get out of bed or enjoy the all-inclusive food.  Just because you didn’t want another needle. It isn’t even the cost in Calgary any more because flu vaccine is covered by health care.

Remember too that the flu season is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere.  At Bowmont Travel Clinic we offer the flu vaccine year round and the traveller who missed getting it in the Fall should certainly get one before they travel.

Here is great link to learn about influenza and the vaccine.


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Needlephobic in Calgary

Are you terrified of needles?

If you live in Calgary or within driving distance we can help you at Bowmont Travel Clinic. Every once in a while we will see a client who is so terrified of needles that it takes literally hours to get them to remain still so that we can administer the vaccine. Because everyone eventually needs to get an injection, blood drawn or an IV started this is a terrible problem.

What do we do at Bowmont Travel clinic? We have a great pyschologist who has worked with phobias in the past and has now helped us out with our needlephobic clients.  The client would meet with the psychologist for at least 2 sessions, then the 3rd session one of our great RNs would join in and hopefully be able to give at least 1 injection. Next appointment would be with our RN again and the remainder of the injections given. By this time the client has learned some new coping skills and the appointment goes smoothly.

We have worked successfully with several of our Travel Clinic clients and are confident that we can help anyone who wants to be helped.

Visit our web page to learn more about Bowmont Travel Clinic. http://www.bowmonttravel.ca/

Call us at 403-247-0787 if you would like to talk to someone about getting this kind of help.

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