Influenza Vaccine and the Traveller

Public Health recommends that all Canadians over 6 months of age should get a flu shot every year.  For travellers it is even more important.  Think about sitting in an airplane for several hours with 300 other people and then standing in line at customs for another hour or so with even more people added to the mix. If you are on a cruise the numbers are even greater.

The problem with having flu away from home is that you are away from home and all those comforts. Also, you just paid big dollars to lie on a beach and you can’t even get out of bed or enjoy the all-inclusive food.  Just because you didn’t want another needle. It isn’t even the cost in Calgary any more because flu vaccine is covered by health care.

Remember too that the flu season is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere.  At Bowmont Travel Clinic we offer the flu vaccine year round and the traveller who missed getting it in the Fall should certainly get one before they travel.

Here is great link to learn about influenza and the vaccine.

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