Meningitis Vaccine in Calgary

Alberta Health Services has announced that they will be starting a vaccine program for all students in Grade 9.  What about teenagers from Grade 10 and up?  Do they need to be vaccinated as well?  Of course they should be vaccinated but AHS has to start somewhere and Grade 9 seems to make sense because they are doing Tetanus/Diptheria at that time as well.

According to The Public Health Agency of Canada there are over 1000 cases of meningitis reported in Canada every year. That may not seem like a big number but it is a bit of a downer if it is you or a family member.

Because meningitis is transferred by saliva we see spikes of incidence in the toddler age (they share spit on toys) and the teenager (they share spit as well just not on toys).  What can you do as a parent; get your child vaccinated with a quadravalent meningitis vaccine even if you have to pay for it.

You can book an appointment at Bowmont Travel Clinic without a referral for a meningitis shot. For more information click on the link.

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