Who should worry about Measles?

The CDC has recently reported 6500 cases of measles in Europe.  Most of them are in France (go figure) but Spain and the former Yugoslavia has reported their share as well. There have also been reported outbreaks in the USA.

So, who needs to worry? Any one who has not received 2 doses of vaccine in their lifetime. This includes any one born in Canada during the decade of the 70′s.  At that time we were only giving 1 dose, so check your baby immunization record to see how many you received.  If you do not have that record you can check with public health in the area that you lived from age 1 to 5. If you can not find a record of 2 doses than you should likely assume that you only had 1.

The other group is children whose parents decided against vaccine. This was a fairly safe decision as long as the child never leaves Canada because the rest of us vaccinated our children and generally the whole country has “herd immunity”. Now that those children are reaching young adulthood we are seeing them in the Travel Clinic with plans to travel the world usually on a shoe string.  This makes these people very susceptible to childhood illnesses abroad. If you fall into this category you should plan on at least 6 months to get all of the recommended vaccines.

For more information visit: http://www.cdc.gov/measles/travelers.html

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